[Webinar Capella - 29 mars - EN] "Strategies and tools for model reuse with Capella"

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Webinar Capella (EN) : strategies and tools for model reuse with Capella

Capella Day Stuttgart s'est terminé il y a tout juste quelques jours, mais sommes déjà tournés vers le prochain évènement Capella. Bien que celui-ci sera plus "virtuel", vous y bénéficierez d'un contenu tout aussi ambitieux sur cet outil de Model-Based Systems Engineering (MBSE) et plus précisèrement, vous apprendrez comment gérer les libraries et building blocks dans Capella ?

On préfère vous laisser la suite du descriptif en anglais car c'est dans la langue de Shakespeare que se tiendra ce webinar !

Reusing models or parts of models with Capella is not only conceptually appealing, it is a real productivity enabler. But it is also a true challenge!

Technical solutions initially dedicated to simple duplication and synchronisation of model parts have recently evolved and now enable multiple, classical use cases of reusing models.


In this webinar, we will illustrate:

  • How the Capella technology of replicable elements (a.k.a REC/RPL) both enables flexible design workflows (including instance-driven modeling) and makes possible the modeling of architectures by assembly of building blocks.
  • How Yuzu leverages Capella to help manage the life-cycle of building blocks and model assets, their dependencies, their versioning, their publication, etc.



Jeudi 29 Mars

16H à 17H (Paris / Berlin heure locale)

10H - 11H (New York heure locale)


This webinar will be driven by Stéphane Bonnet (Thales)...

Stéphane Bonnet is in charge of Thales Corporate MBSE Coaching and Design Authority of the Capella open source modeling solution. For the last ten years, he has led the development of Capella and has been an active contributor to the Arcadia model-based method for systems, hardware and software architectural design. In Thales, he is animating a wide community of modeling experts from all domains and countries to investigate low-maturity modeling topics, capture end-user needs, and orient method and workbench roadmaps.

...and by Benoit Viaud (Artal):

Benoit Viaud leads Artal’s System Engineering unit. He initiated the creation of Citrus, a one-stop-shop engineering framework for simulation and is deeply involved in its deployment in Airbus. He also carries out coaching and consulting activities around Capella.

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