[Webinar June 6th] The Capella Open Source Ecosystem and its Industry Consortium

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Capella is not only a mature open source Model-Based Systems Engineering (MBSE) tool.

It's also a vibrant ecosystem with a growing community of industrial users, experts, and add-ons suppliers.

Within this ecosystem, you benefit from:
- helpful solutions to a wide variety of needs and concrete uses,
- industrial feedback useful for your own projects,
- a rich offer of add-ons and services.

This ecosystem will soon be part of a sustainable structure: the Capella Industry Consortium (IC).

Hosted by PolarSys, the Industry Working Group of the Eclipse Foundation, the Capella IC will gather MBSE tool stakeholders in a vendor neutral way with an open governance.


Attend the next Webinar to discover how to join the Capella ecosystem and use it as a framework for open collaboration and open innovation.


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This webinar will be driven by Gaël Blondelle:

Gaël Blondelle is Director of European Ecosystem Development at the Eclipse Foundation. He has accumulated specialized experience with open source communities. Since 2013, he has managed PolarSys, the Eclipse Industry Working Group created by large industry players and by tools providers to collaborate on the creation and support of open source tools such as Capella.

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