Thales and Obeo at INCOSE International Symposium 2019 to talk about MBSE and Capella

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Along with Thales, Obeo will be at INCOSE International Symposium (IS) 2019 at Orlando to talk about Model-Based Systems Engineering (MBSE) and of course, to present the open and field-proven tool, Capella and its methodology, Arcadia.

The INCOSE IS is the largest worldwide annual INCOSE event, gathering of people who do systems engineering. Well, there you will share about the latest innovations in the systems engineering field and contribute to the next to come, build a professional network, and just enjoy friendly time with interesting people. What a program!

Since a few years, Obeo sponsored the INCOSE IS conference.This year, we are pleased to promote Capella, alongside with Thales.

At INCOSE IS, you will benefit from the expertise from the team behind Capella and get all the informations you need at the Capella booth #13. So feel free to drop by and to get a demo.




Do not also forget to add these appointments at your INCOSE IS agenda!

  • Sunday 21th - 'Master your Product Lines and yield greater benefits through an integrated Model-Based Product Line Systems Engineering approach' (abstract / (08:00am - 17:00pm Session E.2)
  • Tuesday 23th - Stéphane Bonnet from Thales will make a presentation addressed to Capella begineers and to all of you that want to learn more about this innovative tool. During this talk named "A journey in the Arcadia-Capella model-based engineering tool", Stéphane will present a set of focused demonstrations of the open MBSE solution: value-added core features, new ones, add-ons... (abstract / 13.30pm - 14.00pm - Sponsor Track - Session 5.8.1)
  • Wednesday 24th - 'How Model-Based Systems Engineering practices support the effective implementation of a Product Line Engineering approach' (abstract / 16:15pm - 16:55pm Session 9.4.2).
  • Thursday 25th - 'Towards a model-based approch to Systems and Cybersecurity co-engineering' (abstract / 08:00am - 08:40am Session 10.1.1).
  • Thursday 25th - 'Augmenting requirements with models to improve the articulation between system engineering levels and optimize V&V practices' (abstract / 11:30 - 12-10 Session 11.2.3). Best paper award!
  • Thursday 25th - 'Mastering the impacts of modes and states on the system: model-based method and tool perspectives' (abstract / 13:30pm - 14:30pm Session 8.2.1).

Well, there is no debate about the fact that Capella is a trending topic at INCOSE IS!


Oh and if you will not attend INCOSE IS, there is always an occasion to learn more about Capella. You can still register for the next Capella webinar that will be held on July, 2d. It will be driven by Pr. Peter Jackson, Head Of Pillar And Director Of Aviation Studies Institute, of the Sungapore University of Technology and Desgign. He will make an introduction to Capella and Arcadia with a simple system (example of a product design). Registration link here.