Strong content about graphical modeling, prestigious speakers with tangible solutions, friendly atmosphere in a beautiful place…: register for SiriusCon!

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On November 9th will start the 3rd edition of SiriusCon Paris.

Looking back at the last editions, we remember that both were almost full, that attendees (and us!) learnt a lot from the great speakers’ talks, and that SiriusCon was and will always be a friendly event gathering the graphical modeling community in one of the most beautiful city in the world ( know French people sometimes lack of humility when talking about Paris but except that part, each of these observations is objective).

Well, this is a big responsibility and we are working hard to make the 2017 SiriusCon edition even better!


If you haven’t already heard about SiriusCon, just to explain it in a few words, it’s a one-day free international conference dedicated to graphical modeling and more precisely to Eclipse Sirius, the best solution to get your own modeling tool. We think it as a milestone event for every attendees, from beginners to advanced graphical modeling users.

Have a look of what SiriusCon 2016 was about with those short videos:



As for the program, we decide to keep the best of the 2015 and 2016 editions.

What does it mean? The 2017 SiriusCon program will also be about:

  • concrete industrial use-cases and feedback with tangible solutions for your project,
  • presentations of Sirius advanced features,
  • talks dedicated to the integration of Sirius with other technologies and to add-ons that will unleash the potential of Sirius,
  • overview on the Sirius roadmap,
  • two tutorials for both beginner and advanced users,
  • a Sirius Clinic where you can meet Sirius experts and committers to get useful tips and tricks for your own graphical modeling project...

Although, SiriusCon is a free event, its main default is the limited number of places… So reserve your seat before it’s too late!


Last editions, we were proud to welcome prestigious speakers, from no-less prestigious companies. This year we will keep on that way! But we need you to do so!

You have interesting topics to show about Sirius? Submit a talk!

Proposed format is 25' for the presentation and 5' for questions. Drop us an email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to submit an abstract (submission deadline: September 10th).

Don’t be shy, as we already said (and maybe experimented as past attendees), SiriusCon is a friendly event.

This year, you even get the opportunity to co-create the program by telling us your favorite topics between many proposals (presentations of new-features, concrete use-cases, beginner tutorial…).


But better than words, check those 2016 SiriusCon pictures and this social media story that sum up its best moments.

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