[Press Release] Siemens and Obeo announced new MBSE capabilities to Siemens PLM Software

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Following Siemens PLM Software and Obeo partnership, Siemens Model-Based Systems Engineering offer enriched its multi-domain digital twin with two technologies to increase product efficiency and innovation ability.

Built in partnership with Obeo, System Modeling Workbench (SMW) for Teamcenter® has just been announced by Siemens. SMW integrates Capella, the open and field-proven solution for Model-Based Systems Engineering (MBSE) and SysML general purpose modeling language for engineering.

With SMW, customers can create and capture an integrated, multi-domain digital twin (a consistent virtual representation of their physical product). They get a better understanding of their customer needs, benefit from engineering-wide collaboration and complete master verification and validation.

Customers can build-up knowledge, analyze and share it with their stakeholders within the context of the product development lifecycle. Existing data is always reliable and accurate. ’The best way to find a good trade-off between reliability, cost, and performance, and at the same time to master the complexity of multi-concern systems, is to design all these aspects in a unique repository, as a single source of truth’, said Etienne Juliot, vice-president and cofounder of Obeo.

As Joe Bohman, senior vice president of Lifecycle Collaboration Software for Siemens PLM Software said: ‘An integrated multi-domain digital twin, spanning mechanical, electrical, software, and manufacturing domains will be a game changer for customers looking to increase product efficiency and innovation ability, all while satisfying the end users changing needs.


Read the full press release here.

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