Happy 10th birthday Sirius!

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Happy Birthday Sirius

The first line of code of the technology actually known as Sirius was written 10 years ago.

The legend says that the first version was developed in a train, back from a meeting between Thales and Obeo that will result in a long-term partnership on graphical modeling.

One day later, a first metamodel, then named ViewPoint, was born:

 Sirius metamodel

In 2010, while a first version was already deployed on Thales projects, Sirius technology was publicly released for the first time under the name of Obeo Designer.

 Obeo Designer history

Several years later, in 2013, the decision was made with Thales to contribute this technology as an Open Source project in Eclipse.

Our main objective was to foster the adoption of this great component and make it the de-facto standard for graphical modeling in Eclipse. Since then, Sirius is part of the annual release train of the Eclipse platform and has gathered a vibrant community.


What’s up today?


Eclipse Sirius is a field-proven, comprehensive and extensible tool that can be customized to fit every specific needs.

From graphical improvements, to the introduction of AQL, a fast query language, or the possibility to define custom properties view, each Sirius release brings new useful features.

If you’re not up-to-date with this technology, feel free to download the latest version of Eclipse Sirius!

Among the noteworthy projects using Sirius, let’s mention Capella, a Systems Engineering workbench contributed in open-source in 2014 by Thales, and UML Designer, a popular open source modeling tool downloaded more than 7000 downloads every month.

The Sirius gallery on the project website lists some of the known projects using Sirius.

 Sirius gallery


Meet the Sirius team at SiriusCon 2017


Sirius gathers now a wide community of users that meet each year at SiriusCon, the free international conference on graphical modeling. 

Why should you come? To enjoy advanced presentations about Sirius and related technologies, discover the Sirius roadmap, get useful feedback from Sirius industrial users, attend tutorials for both beginner and advanced users, benefit from Sirius experts' advices on your own project at the Sirius Clinic.

But although the event is free, the number of place is limited, so register now!

November 9th 2017, Paris




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