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This week EclipseCon 2013 holds in Boston. As usual, Obeo will actively participate to this event with the presence of seven of us: Mikaël Barbero Mélanie Bats Gaël Blondelle Cédric Brun Etienne Juliot Alex Lagarde Goulwen Le Fur If you attend EclipseCon, try to catch them and ask them questions about EMF, Acceleo, EMF Compare, EEF, Mylyn Intent, Obeo Designer, Polarsys, Buildroot, etc. they have a lot to say and to show about these topics! But the best way remains to attend their talks: Your custom modeling environment definition made easy. At last! EMF.Edit: the Force Unleashed! Buildroot Eclipse Bundle : A powerful IDE for Embedded Linux developers EMF Compare 2.0: Scaling to Millions EMF Community, time for moving on Eclipse4 thanks to the Extended Editing Framework 2.0! Stop throwing your doc away: Agile Documentation with Mylyn Intent Documentation Driven Testing...
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Obeo welcomes you to the Obeo Designer Roadshow on April 16th at Toulouse. It is a free workshop on Obeo Designer 6.1 with: Introduction to Obeo Designer What's new in the 6.1 version User feedbacks Hands-on session suited to your project Information and inscription are available here (in French):

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This week, the CSDM conference takes place at Paris from December 12nd to December 14th. Obeo is sponsor of this event. Etienne Juliot will present the company and its approach of system engineering. If you plan to attend, please meet us to exchange about system engineering topics. Complex Systems Design & Management (CSDM) is an European academic-industrial conference dedicated to all academic researchers and industrial actors working on complex industrial systems engineering....
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