Capella Day and EclipseCon France: what happens in Toulouse, (don't) stay(s) in Toulouse!

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Almost a month since EclipseCon France is over and it's more than time for coming back on that great event!

As a French company located in Nantes, Paris and the no less beautiful pink city Toulouse, we have chosen to be an active sponsor, from the very first EclipseCon France. The Obeo team is always excited to meet the Eclipse community, from project leaders to users, at EclipseCon France. Held every year at the same time as the annual Eclipse release, the conference is the best moment to unveil the latest major versions of our Open Source projects including Eclipse Sirius, and for us to collect your very early feedback.

In a way the 2017 edition was special with Capella Day, a one day event dedicated to Capella that was held the day before the conference at the EclipseCon Unconference. You haven’t heard about Capella? It’s a powerful and comprehensive model-based systems engineering solution developed by Thales with Sirius. The less we can say is that Capella Day was a success with more than 75 attendees. Although we had to face the heat at its top at Toulouse, discussions about MBSE and Capella were really rich. Thanks again to all our Capella Day speakers! Feel free to check their slides: they are full of interesting feedback and useful informations about Capella and Capella add-ons!


This Capella Day was also the place of an important announcement with the official launch of the Capella Industry Consortium (IC), which gathers all the Capella stakeholders (industrials, services and add-ons providers...). The Capella Industry Consortium aims to offer to its members a place to: foster collaborations, share investment and best practices, leverage Open Innovation to co-develop new MBSE capabilities.(More details with the PolarSys news announcement .)

The day after Capella Day Toulouse, EclipseCon France 2017 started.

At EclipseCon France, the Obeo team hold 4 talks:

- All About UX in Sirius with Mélanie Bats and Stéphane Bégaudeau: Sirius 5.0 version is available since the last Eclipse Oxygen release with a significant number of new features to create impressive graphical modeling tools. The Obeo team works hard to keep improving the experience for end-users of Sirius-based modelers (enjoy the slides).

- Integrating Xtext and Sirius: Strategies and Pitfalls by Jan Koehnlein (TypeFox) and Cédric Brun, with some tips & tricks for a successful Xtext and Sirius integration.

- Document Generation with M2Doc with Laurent Delaigue: the M2Doc technology enables the generation of Office Open XML documents from Ecore models and Sirius representations. Watch EclipseCon video of the talk to learn more about this useful tool!

- EcoreTools-Next: Executable DSL made (more) accessible with Cédric Brun (and the help of Fabien COulon): this talk presented an integrated approach for weaving behavior of domain specific languages right from the EcoreTools modeler, that can be automatically applied to conforming models

Again, if you want to have a look at what happened there (although what happens in Toulouse, stays in Toulouse...) please enjoy our storify dedicated to EclipseCon France 2017:


Next steps for the Eclipse lovers, will be EclipseCon Europe and of course SiriusCon Paris 2017, the international conference about graphical modeling. Be sure to get registered ASAP to this unique and free event dedicated to Sirius since places are limited!

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